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All-season tyres, also known as all-weather tyres, are regarded as a convenient alternative to summer and winter tyres. The advantages: These car tyres save the vehicle owner from having to change tyres every six months, and all-season tyres are also inexpensive to buy. But how good are the driving characteristics of all-season tyres in comparison to other tyres? Do they really offer maximum safety in all weather conditions? We explain the advantages and disadvantages of all-season tyres.


The universal tyres have two decisive advantages: they save time and money for the driver. There is no need to change tyres in autumn and spring. Furthermore, there is no need to purchase an additional set of tyres and, if necessary, to store them professionally. The challenge for the manufacturers is that the tyre must reliably withstand all weather conditions in summer and winter. All-season tyres are therefore not suitable for all car owners. In the past, the rubber compound and tread pattern of all-weather tyres were more similar to those of winter tyres. Today, they perform very well in both warm and frosty weather conditions - for optimum driving safety. All-season tyres combine the advantages of summer and winter tyres - such as the 205 55 R16 91H all-season tyres or 205 55 R16 91V all-season tyres. At the same time, all-season tyres always represent a compromise between genuine winter tyres and summer tyres. 


The question when looking for tyres - "All-season tyres yes or no? - is especially important for drivers in higher altitudes and areas with heavy snowfall. Those whose tyres are regularly used in more extreme weather conditions such as snow and ice on the ground are better advised to use winter tyres or even snow chains.

All-season tyres are recommended if the car owner tends to drive lower mileage, in milder climates or predominantly in urban areas. In urban areas, the main roads are often free of snow and ice even in winter, thus providing a better base for the all-season tyre. 

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