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Are you looking for  Batteries Service for your vehicle?


Car batteries are an essential component of all modern vehicles as they perform multiple functions right from starting the engine to ensuring the smooth performance of auto electrics. It is, therefore, advised to opt for routine battery checks from a reliable automobile service facility.

When you need a new car battery Redditch, visit us. At Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery, our technicians can resolve all your probes on car batteries. Keeping your convenience in mind, we also provide free battery and alternator checks.

What is the average lifespan of a battery?

Usually, batteries come with a lifespan of 3 to 5 years beyond which they must be replaced. That being said, most car batteries tend to wear out within 3 years owing to regular use.



Signs of a failing car battery

If you are looking for professional car battery replacement Redditch, you must have already come across some issues. Check whether any of the following problems matches yours:

  • The most common indicator of a weak or defective battery is slow engine crank.
  • You may observe that the battery case has become distorted or bloated.
  • The battery fluid leaks if the car is left unused for a long time. Extreme cold weather, which is a characteristic of Redditch, also contributes to this phenomenon.

Car batteries must undergo timely inspection during their lifetime to ensure continued smooth functioning. Hence, at Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery, our technicians can help you with a free battery diagnostic to gauge its condition. They will suggest you for car battery replacement Redditch if the component is nearing the end of its service life.


Tips to keep your car battery in a good condition

If you take proper care of your vehicle’s battery, you might not have to search for “battery repairing services near me” prematurely.

  • Every car battery comes with a predefined lifespan. Even if everything seems fine with your ride, you must replace the battery after the intended period of service.
  • It is recommended to go for battery checks occasionally. As mentioned before, we do that for free at our facility.
  • Clean the battery periodically and keep all the cables tied up tightly.
  • Do not keep the auto electrics running when you are not driving as it drains the battery.
  • If your vehicle has a manual charging option, make sure that you don’t overcharge the battery. This can potentially damage the battery.

Why us?

Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery knows car batteries in and out, following years of experience. Hence, we can help diagnose the issue with your car battery Redditch and then suggest the best course of action. Feel free to visit our facility, or you can call us on 01527 509 146.


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