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Are you looking for Brake Services for your vehicle?


Malfunctioning brakes are a no-no and must be replaced without any delay. Your car brakes need regular maintenance and timely inspection just like any other component. Without properly functioning brakes, your safety and that of others can be compromised.

In case you are looking for an authorised brake repairing garage Redditch, turn to Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery. Our expert team of skilled technicians are thorough with the various issues in a car’s braking system. Hence, we offer unmatched servicing of your car brakes, thereby ensuring a safe and smooth driving experience.

We recommend you not to continue driving with damaged brakes and instead, reach us for assistance whenever you notice any irregularities with the braking system.


Warning signs that your car brakes need checking

If you are looking for reliable services of brake repair Redditch, then Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery is your one-stop solution.

However, it is not possible to repair brake pads as these gradually wear out with time. If you hear a grinding noise on applying pressure to the pedal or if the brakes make a squealing sound as your car stops, then repair is out of the question. It is time to opt for brake replacement services Redditch.


Take a look at some of the common signs, indicating that your car brakes are failing:

  • Leaks on the inner wheels:
  • Loose connections and split hoses in the vehicle’s braking system cause the leakage of air and fluid. As a result, your car brakes less effectively, and you will observe a clear fluid on the inner wheels.

  • Car pulls to a side:
  • If there is a problem in the braking system, then you may observe your car pulling to a side as it brakes improperly. This is dangerous and can potentially cause unforeseen accidents.

  • Vibrations:
  • In case the brake discs are distorted, you are like to feel odd vibrations from the brake pedal.

Looking for “brake repairing service near me”?

Besides the aforementioned, the car’s brake warning light display and a sticking handbrake are also indicative of problematic brakes. Irrespective of the issue, reach us at our brake repairing garage Redditch.

If you come across any of the symptoms of failing brakes, availing our assistance is mandatory. Our experts at Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery can service your car brakes and replace the same if needed.

We offer OE quality brakes from only the leading brake suppliers. For your convenience, we also offer brake checks. Drive down to our facility or you can also call us at 01527 509 146.

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