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Most modern cars sold in the United Kingdom come with a built-in system known as On-Board Diagnostics or OBD. It is, in effect, a computerised system which constantly monitors every part of your car while it is running. Once the OBD locates a fault, it generates an error code.

It is a common misconception that an error code details the malfunctions. On the contrary, it showcases the area or system which has faced a problem.

At Cunningham’s Autocare & Recovery - leading experts in car engine diagnostics Redditch use specialised hand-held devices to determine the part/s that require immediate attention.

We are known widely in the County of Worcestershire and the nearby city of Birmingham as a competent provider of car engine diagnostics Redditch. Our facility boasts of some of the best-trained technicians and cutting-edge OBD-II testers.

Decoding your car’s warning lights

In the past, cars only had an “idiot light” on the dashboard which would blink to life whenever there was a malfunction. With technological advancements, you will now find a number of warning lights and symbols on your vehicle’s dashboard.

It makes car engine diagnostics Redditch a tad easier, although repairing the affected area/s remains a job for a professional service station like Cunningham’s Autocare & Recovery.

Here are 6 of the commonest warning lights. Know what they indicate.

  • Oil pressure light:
  • This old-fashioned icon of an oil can is standard across most cars. It indicates problems with your 4-wheeler’s oil pressure and circulation system. If this light starts blinking, it is time to seek professional intervention immediately.

    Else, there are chances of substantial damage to the engine.

  • TPMS light:
  • Also known as the ‘tyre pressure light’, it indicates that your car tyres are losing air. At times, over-inflating the tyres can also trigger this light. Visit Cunningham’s Autocare & Recovery for immediate resolution.

  • Engine temperature warning light:
  • It is one of the most critical issues that may plague your car. If this light starts blinking, you must stop the vehicle and open the bonnet. In the UK, it mostly happens due to low coolant levels.

  • ABS warning light:
  • If this light starts blinking, there is something awry with your car’s anti-lock brakes. It is recommended that you seek immediate professional help.

    A simple car engine diagnostics Redditch will identify the underlying problem.

  • Battery alert:
  • It indicates that the charging system is misbehaving. Note that this light may be triggered not only by a failing battery but also a broken alternator belt. We recommend that you seek immediate aid at a professional service bay like ours’.

  • Low fuel indicator:
  • This signal speaks for itself: your car is running low on fuel.

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