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Performance and UHP (Ultra High Performance) Tyres:


The engines of sporty passenger cars are getting stronger and stronger, the speeds higher. Today, modern high-performance vehicles dominate the picture on motorways. To ensure the highest possible level of safety on the roads, premium manufacturers have developed special ultra-high-performance tyres, or UHP for short: Innovative sports tyres for private vehicles.


The technological development of UHP tyres comes from racing. Their construction and material properties are based on Formula 1 racing tyres, which means that these wider, larger-diameter tyres can be used to drive at higher speeds than conventional car tyres.

Here are some of the best models of Performance Tyres


Tyres in the UHP category are classified according to the following criteria:

Speed index

Cross-section of the profile

Racing tyres usually have a shallow cross-section. Typically, the height-width ratio of the tyre flank to the tread is less than 45 per cent. The speed index, which indicates the maximum permitted speed, is divided into classes V, W or Y for UHP tyres - for cars with a maximum speed of over 150mph up to above 190mph.

The speed index of the tyres should always match the maximum permitted speed of the vehicle. Using the wrong tyres will violate road traffic regulations, risk tyre damage and can cause serious accidents at high speed.

The speed index can be found on the car tyre and in the vehicle registration document. The last character of the tyre designation is assigned to it.

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THE ADVANTAGES OF Performance Tyres/Ultra High Performance

High-quality UHP tyres convince even at very high speeds with the following characteristics:

  • good grip
  • precise steering
  • stable curve position
  • short braking distances

Thanks to their unique tread pattern, the sporty tyres from Continental, for example, score points - unlike many other sports tyres - also in terms of wet performance and wear.

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