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Summer tyres Redditch - Cunningham's Autocare and Recovery

Summer tyres from E to O - from Easter to October - this rule of thumb is easy to remember to be equipped for road traffic during the hot months. The right tyres for the car, SUV and van at the right time of year not only improve driving performance but also protect against excessive wear and rapid abrasion.


Special properties of summer tyres

To ensure that your summer tyres Redditch can withstand high temperatures without any problems and that driving is comfortable, they differ from the winter tyres by their harder rubber compound. This is to prevent the material from becoming too soft in hot weather, while at the same time allowing you to drive at high speed. In addition, the tread pattern usually has no sipes, so it is more stable in itself. Summer tyres are designed to be suitable for both high speed and wet roads. This is because wide longitudinal grooves effectively drain water from the tyre contact area, thus reducing wet braking distance and the risk of aquaplaning—also, the grip increases.

The seasonal characteristics of summer tyres are easy on your wallet and the environment. Because the advantages range from lower fuel consumption, through less wear and tear, to greater driving stability.

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Here at Cunningham's Autocare and Recovery, you can find a wide variety of summer tyres from all premium brands as well as mid-range and budget tyres.

Just type your tyre size or reg. number into our tyre configurator, and we will show you what we can offer to you. You can buy your new summer tyres Redditch directly from our website plus book a fitting appointment. If you can't come to us for fitting, we can come out to you. Just let us know where and when.

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