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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?

The smooth rides that our cars provide are mainly due to a highly effective and resilient suspension system. Any suspension system - regardless of the vehicle - has shock absorbers.

If these shock absorbers are damaged or degraded, your car’s suspension system will be compromised and your riding quality will suffer substantially.

Live in or around Redditch? At our facility - Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery - we pride ourselves on our understanding and repairing/replacement capability of car Shock Absorbers Redditch.


When do you require suspension overhaul or shock replacement?

Before a car’s suspension system fails, it leaves behind plenty of warning signs. Here are some of them.

  • Your rides will be pretty rough:
  • Despite your best efforts, you may fail to bring the car under your complete and unhindered control. You will literally ‘feel’ any and all bumps, speed breakers and craters on the roads, especially when you are off-roading. Besides, it is always a good idea to have your vehicle’s shocks checked before you head out for unknown, and probably unpaved, roads.

At Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery, we are experts in checking and validating your car suspension system Redditch.

  • Your car drifts/pulls when you turn:
  • Even on broad roads, you will find that cornering becomes a headache. Your car will inevitably wobble and drift to either side. Note that excessive ‘pulling’ to the right may indicate serious suspension issues. If you notice this problem, bring your car to us, your most trusted garage for suspension repair Redditch.

  • Car nosedives whenever you brake:
  • Braking should be smooth and comfortable. It should bring your car to an easy stop whenever you press the pedal. However, if you have noticed that your vehicle nosedives i.e. the front portion suddenly lurches ahead and tends to go downward, it signifies that there is something amiss with its suspension system.

  • Oil residue beneath your vehicle:
  • Assume that you have parked your car for a night in your garage or a parking lot. In the morning, you may notice there is a substantial amount of fluid accumulated beneath the chassis. This fluid is actually viscous oil. The odds that your shocks are leaking fluid are high; this indicates a faulty car suspension repair Redditch.

  • Jarring vibrations in the floorboards:
  • These vibrations are common in two situations: when your car’s wheels are unbalanced and when its suspension system is on the fritz. Do not wait. Visit our facility immediately; we will procure and fit new shock absorbers Redditch.

Is a suspension system repairable?

The honest answer is no. This is a highly sophisticated system, and only replacements will help you. That is why we recommend that you go for brand-new shock absorbers Redditch, and not any reconditioned substitute.

Of the three major shock absorber types, only struts can be repaired temporarily. However, McPherson struts may not always be repairable. The remaining two types - conventional telescopic and spring seat shock absorbers - must always be replaced.

Besides, note that repaired parts do not have any guarantees. Genuine replacements - like the ones we provide - do.

Searching “car shock absorber repair near me”?

Try Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery. We can replace any car suspension system Redditch. And at very reasonable prices too.

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