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Tyre Pressure

In the hustle-bustle of daily life, forgetting about the health of tyres is quite common. But, neglect them for too long, and you are inviting trouble and risking the safety of yours and others on the road.

We at Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery recommend tyre pressure check Redditch routinely, preferably once a month.

That’s because your car’s tyres lose pressure by 1 – 2 psi every month. And incorrect tyre pressure has repercussions ranging from increased fuel economy to compromised safety, none of which are desirable. You can drive down to our facility to get your car’s tyre pressure checked and ensure that you are driving in optimal conditions.

How does incorrect tyre pressure affect your car?

We cannot stress enough upon the importance of routine tyre air pressure check Redditch. To understand how under- or over-inflated tyres affect you, read along.

  • Multiple safety risks

The acceleration, braking distance, cornering, and road grip, all depend on your car tyres. So, it goes without saying that both over and under-inflated tyres can affect these factors at varying degrees, depending on the loss or excess of tyre pressure.

Over-inflated tyres can lead to low grip on the road and low braking ability. Under-inflated tyres, on the other hand, carry the risk of a blowout.

  • Compromised fuel-efficiency

If you have ridden a bicycle, you might know how difficult it becomes when the tyres are underinflated. The same goes for a car. Low tyre pressure leads to increased rolling resistance. Naturally, more fuel or energy is required to keep them rolling.

To save yourself the extra outlay, it’s best to drive down to our facility. You can find us by searching “tyre pressure check near me” if you are in or nigh Redditch.

  • Increased tyre wear

If you are driving around with under-inflated tyres, their contact with the road is primarily concentrated around the shoulder blocks. That leads to rapid wear around the edges and leads to reduced tyre life.

Also, did you know that if your car’s tyre pressure is low by 7 psi, it can cause an 8% increase in fuel consumption? So, don’t sit on it and visit us today for the tyre pressure check Redditch.

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