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Given all the vehicle segments available in the United Kingdom and across the world, it is not difficult to imagine how many different types of tyres are sold annually. One feature which all tyres share is an alphanumeric code inscribed on their external walls.

Whenever you buy car tyres Redditch, you must ensure that this code matches the size mentioned in your car-owner’s manual. Otherwise, you will face enormous difficulty driving, not to mention damage to your vehicle.


How to read tyre size

You must learn to ‘read’ this size mentioned. At Cunningham's Autocare and Recovery, we can help you on this aspect. Being the biggest tyre retailer Redditch, we have a responsibility to elucidate our clients.

For simplicity, let us take a standard hatchback tyre with the code “185/55 R 15 81H” mentioned on it.

Your owner’s manual will also have a car tyre size guide. This generally corresponds to the last three figures which are explained below.

Almost all car tyre manufacturers have various models corresponding to this size. Here are what these components mean:

  • The first 3 figures are the total diameter of the tyre’s rubber carcass and are measured in millimetres. The more superior a tyre, higher is this value. Hatchbacks are mid-sized vehicles, and this is a perfect fit for most of them. In our example, the tyre has a diameter of 185 mm.
  • The next 2 figures represent its aspect ratio. It is a ratio between the height of the sidewall and tyre diameter. In high-quality wheels, these percentages are low. In this instance, the aspect ratio is 55% of 185.
  • The letter ‘R’ represents a radial tyre. Almost all tyres sold worldwide are radial.
  • The next 2 digits indicate the rim diameter of a tyre. In our example, its diameter is 15 inches. The bigger a vehicle, the greater the rim diameter required.
  • Whenever you buy car tyres Redditch, you must pay keen attention to these penultimate 2 figures. They indicate its load index. This index is mentioned in your owner’s manual. Any car which has tyres bearing load indices of 81 can carry about 460 kg per tyre.
  • Finally, we come to the last part of the car tyre size guide. This is a speed rating and is expressed as a single letter. In our example, the model has a recommended speed rating of 210 km/hr or 133 mph

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