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John Boyd Dunlop, the celebrated inventor of pneumatic tyres, established Dunlop back in 1890. The brand, which has its roots in Dublin, has gradually outstretched its fame to every part of the world and is now operational in almost every country.

More than a century of its existence has resulted in multiple ownerships. Today, different tyre manufacturers like Goodyear, Sumitomo, and Dunlop have collaborated in handling the production and sales of Dunlop tyres in various countries.

If you are willing to buy Dunlop tyres Redditch, visit us at Cunningham’s Autocare & Recovery. We stock an inventory of all ranges of Dunlop tyres to cater to every customer requirement.

Dunlop summer tyres

Specially designed to perform well amidst hot and humid temperatures and inconsistent rainfall of the British countryside, the following are some of our bestselling Dunlop summer tyres.

  • Sport BluResponse:
  • Designed with a unique polymer compound, the Sport BluResponse features Dunlop’s Ultra-High-Performance wet compound technology. It has enhanced rolling resistance by up to 30% compared to the previous models of this range.

Besides, the closed shoulder grooves and ‘Short Braking’ blocks reduce noise level and braking distances significantly.

  • SP Sport FastResponse:
  • Manufactured with the Dunlop Touch Technology, SP Sport FastResponse is known for its unbelievable responsiveness. This superior technology also promises excellent control, steering precision and cornering abilities on wet tarmacs.

The unique and optimised tread pattern provides improved aquaplaning resistance, therefore ensuring maximum wet grip and mileage.

Dunlop winter tyres

  • Winter Sport 5:
  • These particular Dunlop car tyres Redditch are created with an increased number of tread blocks to guarantee superior traction on icy roads. Also, to reduce the risk of aquaplaning, it has deeper tread grooves and special tread patterns. Thereby, you can enjoy enough on-road control and handling performance with this unit in the harshest quarter of the year.

  • Winter Response 2:
  • Dunlop Winter Response 2 comes with high-density sipes that bite into snow/slush/sleet and enhance traction and handling. This range provides matchless grip, braking as well as cornering precision on snow and ice.

Besides season-specific models, Dunlop also produces tyres for all-season use and for SUVs and vans as well. If you are willing to buy Dunlop car tyres Redditch, feel free to reach out to us.

Drive down to our garage at Manor Side Industrial Estate, 13, Redditch B98 9HE, United Kingdom, or give us a call on 01527509146.

Thus, your search for “tyres near me” concludes with us – Cunningham’s Autocare & Recovery!

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