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Infinity Tyres

Infinity is a relatively new name in the UK tyre market. The company has been operational for more than three decades now and is gradually making a mark for itself on the world map.

Cunningham's Autocare & Recovery is an authorised retailer of Infinity tyres Redditch. We store and sell a wide range of products from this company, which includes the following.

  • Infinity passenger car tyres

Infinity car tyres Redditch include summer, winter and all-season variants. These products use specifically developed compounds that offer excellent performance as well as longevity.

Additionally, the unique tread blocks and tread pattern enable these products to provide matchless control and excellent traction, irrespective of the surface condition.

Some of the most popular Infinity tyres that we sell are:

  1. Summer tyres: Infinity Ecomax, Infinity INF 05, Infinity INF 050, Infinity Ecosis, Infinity INF 030
  2. Winter tyres: Infinity Ecozen, Infinity INF 049, Infinity INF 059
  3. All-season tyres: Infinity Ecotour.
  • Infinity light truck tyres
  • This range of Infinity tyres is purpose-built for light commercial vehicles. The compound and tread pattern used in these tyres reduce rolling resistance, which translates into improved fuel efficiency.

  • Infinity commercial vehicle tyres
  • If you are planning to buy Infinity tyres Redditch for commercial vehicles like trucks or buses, this category is ideal for you. These products are explicitly curated to offer longevity along with fuel efficiency.

    Products from this range have a unique tread pattern, which provides superior performance and traction in every season. Also, it helps these tyres to cope with every road surface, be it tarmac or gravel.

    Stop searching 'tyres near me', and give us a call on 01527 509 146.

  • Infinity OTR tyres
  • OTR car tyres Redditch are perfect for heavy-duty vehicles. They are primarily used in mining and construction site vehicles. Also, the equipment used in port operations can be fitted with these tyres.

  • Infinity agricultural equipment tyres
  • Tyres used in agricultural equipment are unique, and they demand very particular engineering to provide adequate service. Since such vehicles are primarily used on mud or gravel, they need tyres with bigger tread blocks for optimised traction and control. Also, they must have a higher load-carrying capacity.

In this regard, Infinity tyres Redditch are exactly what you are looking for.

Cunningham's Autocare & Recovery is one of the most renowned tyre retailers in Redditch.

You can visit our store at Manor Side Industrial Estate, 13, Redditch B98 9HE, United Kingdom for top-quality products at affordable prices.

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