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Jinyu Tyres

Established in 1995, Jinyu specialises in manufacturing purpose-built truck and heavy vehicle tyres. Headquartered in Shandong, China, Jinyu distributes its products through a matchless global dealership. One such dealership in the UK is Cunningham's Autocare & Recovery.

We are a certified retailer of Jinyu tyres Redditch. Our inventory consists of every product that the company has to offer.

However, based on our records, the following 5 Jinyu tyres sell exceptionally well in Redditch and surrounding areas.

  • JF568
  • This is one of the most in-demand Jinyu tyres. Suitable for every truck model, this tyre has a very high load-carrying capacity. The compound used for this particular product gives it high durability and strength. Also, its unique tread pattern performs excellent water evacuation, which results in superb grip on wet roads. This tyre is also preferred by most heavy vehicle owners, owing to its low rolling noise and supreme ride quality.

  • JU555
  • These Jinyu car tyres Redditch have reinforced sidewalls that ensure excellent ride comfort as well as lower noise levels. The specially designed tread pattern paired with its highly durable compound offers longer tyre life and excellent grip on all road conditions.

  • JA665
  • Suitable for dumpers and other heavy vehicles that operate on gravel and other challenging surfaces, these car tyres Redditch are known for their top-notch traction. These have larger tread blocks with more depth and stay properly connected to the ground on loose surfaces.

  • JT560
  • If you are planning to buy Jinyu tyres Redditch for trailers, this product should top your priority list. It can carry significant weight and maintain stability at the same time. Also, its low rolling resistance allows it to offer improved fuel economy. The particular tread pattern used here can provide adequate grip, irrespective of the weather conditions.

  • JY566
  • This variant is perfect for trucks and trailers that carry significant weight throughout the year. The build compound along with the unique tread design, reduce accelerated tyre wear. Along with that, this tyre has more width, which provides enhanced grip and higher weight carrying capabilities.

We stock these and all other variants of Jinyu tyres at our facility.

Therefore, if you are searching online for 'Jinyu tyres near me', it’s time to cease your searches.

Visit us at Manor Side Industrial Estate, 13, Redditch B98 9HE, United Kingdom. We, at Cunningham's Autocare & Recovery, have the best collection of Jinyu tyres Redditch for your benefit.

Give us a call on 01527 509 146 if you have any query.

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