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Founded in 1889, almost 130 years ago, Michelin is a multinational tyre manufacturer based out of Clermont-Ferrand, France. In terms of production and revenue, the company comes at a close second to Bridgestone and has its manufacturing branches in over 18 countries.

Over the years, Michelin tyres have been used in light and heavy automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft and space shuttles.

To cater to the ever-rising demand of Michelin tyres Redditch, we, at Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery, host a large inventory at attractive prices. Now, you can even select your favourite set of Michelin tyres online. Our in-house professionals have ample knowledge to guide you through the process of choosing the best set of tyres for your car.

Our bestsellers

If our exhaustive collection intimidates you, or you find it confusing to choose the most well-suited Michelin car tyres Redditch, worry not. We have handpicked some of the bestsellers among our lot to make the process easier for you.

Regular usage

  • Primacy 3

For people who want to buy Michelin tyres Redditch especially for the summer months and own a luxury touring vehicle, Primacy 3 is the most viable option. These tyres come with Michelin’s patented rubber tread compound, which leads to efficient performance on wet and dry roads.

The company also uses unique optimized design - Comfort Control Technology, which significantly decreases car vibration and noise due to friction.

  • Energy Saver A/S –

If you're looking for the best all-season car tyres Redditch, Energy Saver A/S is your best choice. These tyres are known for their top-notch fuel efficiency, while also providing the best tread design.

The company’s EnergySaver Construction technology comes with these tyres, which when combined with the tread rubber, helps to keep the tyres to dissipate heat quickly.  

The silicon used in the treads provide enhanced traction and hence, better braking and handling. Michelin also provides 65,000 miles of mileage warranty with these tyres.

High performance

  • Pilot Sport 4

We, at Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery, also stock tyres which serve car owners who are looking for superior performance. Among them, the first is the Pilot Sport line-up.

These tyres come with a hybrid mixture of aramid and nylon for exceptional handling and steering response. Also, the unique tread design ensures a firm grip on road surfaces, better than its competitors.

  • Pilot Exalto PE2

If you are searching “summer tyres near me”, that are the perfect fit for your high-performance car, Pilot Exalto is at your rescue. These tyres break traditional tread design patterns to ensure enhanced grip and excellent straight-line performance.

To accommodate travelling on both wet and dry surfaces, dual tread compounds and dual tread designs are also used in these Michelin tyres Redditch.

Choose Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery for top quality Michelin tyres

You can check out our full range of Michelin tyres via our online catalogue or by visiting our store. We promise to offer you our best possible services and to ensure you have the most comfortable rides. 

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