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Van tyres constitute a formidable segment of the entire tyre market in the United Kingdom. Contrary to popular perception, not all big, lumbering carriage vehicles are classified as vans. According to the DVSA, ‘vans’ include all makes of Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) and larger passenger-cum-goods carriers like minibuses.

Since these are heavy-duty vehicles, they require specialised tyres to perform optimally. If you are looking for a set of high-quality van tyres Redditch, you should visit our facility- Cunningham's Autocare & Recovery.

We are possibly the most renowned retailers of passenger car and van tyres in Worcestershire. Over the years, we have managed to retain a loyal base of clients from all over the West Midlands.

Why are van tyres unique?

Whenever you need a set of van tyres Redditch, it is crucial that you first understand what type of tyres is best-suited for your vehicle. That is because these units are different from passenger car equivalents on many fronts.

Some of the unique features which set van tyres apart are:

  • A toughened sidewall: Since vans are required to bear a lot more weight than any passenger cars, their tyres must be capable of handling that extra load without sustaining damages. These models have a tough & durable sidewall that is generally laced with silica compounds and even canola oil to ensure safety and reliability.

Whenever you buy van tyres Redditch, you will notice that they are heavier than passenger car tyres, even if they share identical dimensions. It is the sidewall which adds to this extra weight.

  • Cargo-centric tread pattern: All van tyres have a symmetric tread pattern and often a stout centre rib. It is known that these tyres start wearing out from the central parts first, with the damage spreading later to other areas. Tyre manufacturers have thus changed the way these units are fabricated.
  • Heavier load-carrying index: For obvious reasons, these tyres have load-carrying indices unheard of in passenger tyre ranges. When you visit Cunningham's Autocare and Recovery to select a new set, you will notice that all our tyres have their respective EU labels, complete with their loading indices.

Please ensure that this index matches the one mentioned in your manufacturer’s handbook. We can also help you in this regard if you have any confusion.

Bestselling van tyres in Redditch

Cunningham’s Autocare & Recovery has a robust collection of van tyres. We have several different models sourced from the best manufacturers in the world.

Should you be planning to buy van tyres Redditch, here are 2 of the most popular ones we stock.

  • Continental’s ContiVanContact 100: This latest model is slightly more expensive than its competing tyres, but it comes armed with a large number of unique features. These are among the quietest van tyres currently available in the market.
  • Pirelli Carrier: Available in rim sizes of 14 to 17 inches, the Carrier range is Pirelli’s answer to its rivals. Popular vans including Mercedes-Benz’s Sprinter use Carrier as their OE tyres. These models have superlative profile geometry.

Turn to Cunningham’s Autocare & Recovery to purchase the ideal set of tyres for your van. Call us on 01527 509 146 for more details.

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