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Wheel balancing is a process that helps equalise any uneven weight distribution along a tyre’s carcass. The majority of the time, new rims (or even tyres) do not have equally distributed weight throughout their circumference. Without proper balancing, wheels would bounce or swivel when you drive.

Proper wheel balancing is the only solution to such issues. When buying tyres from us, car wheel balancing Redditch is always part of the fitting service.  If you have bought rims/tyres a while ago and starting to experience balancing issues, you can always reach out to us at Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery. 


Symptoms of imbalanced wheels

Few of the signs of imbalanced wheels are mentioned below –

  • Uneven tyre wear
  • One of the main indications of imbalanced wheels is uneven tyre wear. Generally, it causes scalloped or cup wear. These patches can be either on the inner or outer side.

    If you come across such wear, then bring your vehicle to our wheel balancing garage Redditch at the earliest. Continuing to drive will lead to further damages to your car tyres.

  • Problems with steering
  • Imbalanced wheels can also cause difficulty in steering. You will not be able to drive correctly as steering response will be delayed.

  • Vibrations throughout the car
  • You may also experience vibrations throughout the car, especially in the steering wheel and floorboard. When such issues happen, make sure to come down to our workshop for car wheel balancing Redditch.

Additionally, driving with imbalanced wheels will also put excessive stress upon the suspension system. Shocks and bearings may undergo severe wear if you continue to drive. Additionally, your the mileage may also get affected.

Hence, it is advisable to bring your car to Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery at once and have its wheels balanced.

How does wheel balancing work?

Wheel balancing is essentially a process to locate the area where the imbalance is and adding a weight to counter it. Usually, two types of weights are used – bang-on or adhesive. 

The process of wheel balancing is if two types –

  1. Dynamic – Finds imbalances on the sides of a wheel, which causes it to swivel.
  2. Static – Finds imbalances at the centre of a wheel, which causes it to bounce.

How we perform car wheel balancing Redditch?

To perform wheel balancing at our shop in Redditch, we use a road force balancer. This machine is the most modern form of a wheel balancer and is significantly more accurate than a traditional spin balancer. 

A road force balancer presses a roller against a wheel assembly. It then spins both of these to simulate actual force on the wheel. A computer then indicates the spots that have higher and lower weights.

Moving the tyre around the wheel to align a high spot with a lower one will counter the imbalance. This process is also known as match mounting.

Are you Googling – “wheel balancing garage near me”?

Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery is your one-stop-shop for wheel balancing and alignment services. So, forget about searching for garages near your location, bring your car straight to us.

Simply come in or contact us to make an appointment, and we will be happy to serve. 

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