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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

Winter Check

Winter is here! And they can be extremely demanding for your car. So, you need to ensure that your vehicle is winter-ready, all aspects considered, to drive safely on the road and avoid surprises like a breakdown in the middle of the road. Therefore, it is essential that as the season sets in, you get a winter check Redditch to ascertain your vehicle functions optimally.

We at Cunningham’s Autocare and Recovery run a series of tests on your car using state-of-the-art tools to ensure a precise and effective check-up. If our technicians find any inconsistency, they will seek your approval and fix it accordingly.

What does our winter check comprise?

Even though our technicians run an overall test, we primarily focus on six main areas when you bring your car down to our facility for winter car servicing Redditch.

These are:

  • Battery
  • Car battery failure is one of the main reasons for breakdowns. And that’s the last thing you’d want: to be caught out with breakdown on a chilly night. So, it’s essential to get your car battery tested to ensure it is protected and charged properly.

  • Tyre check
  • It’s quintessential to ensure that your car tyres are fully ready to be driven in wintry conditions. We check the tread depth and the tyre pressure to ascertain they are road legal and safe. Also, even though the legal tread depth in the UK is 1.6 mm, we recommend at least 3 mm for optimal safety.

  • Coolant level check
  • An engine-related breakdown is as frustrating as a battery-related one. And, a large percentage of these occur due to absence of the coolant till the prescribed limit. That’s why when you bring your car down to our facility, we check if the coolant level is appropriate, and if not, we will refill it.

  • Oil level
  • Engine oil is another essential fluid in your vehicle. Too much or too little of it can cause a breakdown. We check the oil level when you bring your car to us for winter check Redditch and also recommend the best engine oil to be used, based on your vehicle for optimal efficiency.

  • Windscreen wiper check
  • It is paramount to check if windscreen wipers are functioning properly or not; it can fog up more readily during winter. We will also check the screen wash level in your vehicle and refill it if necessary.

  • Lights
  • We also assess whether your car’s front and rear lights are working appropriately. It is essential, especially on foggy days, that you can see and be seen. And since nights are longer, it is all the more important.

    With this thorough six-point check, we will ensure that your car can safely ply on the roads during the winter season. And, given our extensive range of tools and equipment, you can rely on us as your one-stop solution for “winter check near me” searches. Call us on 01527 509 146 for more info.

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