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Are you looking for Winter Tyres Redditch  for your vehicle?


Winter tyres provide the perfect characteristics for driving on snow, ice and slush. 

They differ from summer tyres Redditch mainly in two points: Tread and rubber compound. Winter tyres have many small tread cuts, also called sipes, which interlock with the ground and thus counteract slippage. However, the unique tread of winter tyres is not suitable for very wet surfaces. Furthermore, the rubber mixture contains more natural rubber than that of summer tyres. 


This makes the tyres Redditch more elastic and ensures a better grip.

Most parts of the UK don't have to struggle with bigger snow loads, so many drivers think it is still ok to drive with summer tyres...until they slide across an icy road, end up in the hedges or bump into another car as couldn't get the vehicle to stop on time.

Please keep in mind, as soon as the temperatures drop down to 7 degrees; you should consider changing to winter tyres Redditch for your and other road users' safety.


Are you worried about the costs? 

You don't need to worry. If you look after the tyres, they will last you quite a few years.

Our Cunningham's Autocare and Recovery team will advise about how to care for and store your tyres.

Every time you come to us to get your Winter Tyres Redditch re-fitted, we will thoroughly check and clean them for you (we certainly also do this when re-fitting your summer tyres).

Another plus when you buy winter tyres Redditch from us:

We have a wide variety of tyres available for every budget.

Whether you would like to go for one of the premium brands like Continental, Michelin, Pirelli etc.or would instead go for a cheaper alternative; we have just the right, cheap winter tyres Redditch available for you.

Why don't you type your vehicles' registration number or the tyre size you need into our tyre configurator on this website? Within seconds you will be able to see which brands and models we have and compare the prices. Once you have made your decision, buy online and book a fitting appointment. Easy!

If you need advice or help to choose the right tyres for your vehicle, please get in touch with us.

We will always have time to talk to you.

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